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I giardini dei sensi

An extraordinary view on the Amalfi Coast where dreams become reality

It is one of this "incredible stair" which have made well-known the Amalfi Coast, celebrated in the last century by artists of all the world, that one who leads this wonderful residence.
And it is own here that the great ascension finds his beginning towards the "God’s trail". Being forwarded in a little lane protected from the indiscreet looks, and then narrow steps and steep intervals.
They proceed in irregular way, the sea is shown offering a spectacular show. At the highest point, shelttered at the mountain the villa rises almost like a mirage.
Immersed in the green and surrounded at a magnificent garden where each kind of the typical flora of the Amalfi Coast is well represented.
Each tree or plant seems a statue modeled with precision and creativity from a nature that has no limit.
The sight of an extraordinary view drowns the eyes in a pleasure that finds with the sunrise ecstasy for the senses.
Each element take his place to "live" a philosophy, a culture, to savour the history, the perfumes and the tastes; those of the Amalfitain coast.
This is the place where the sea, the sun and the moon have met each other by now centuries. And to us who are spectators remind forever beautiful moments and emotionated memories.

An Amalfi Coast Vacation?

Come in Positano, in the residence Giardini dei Sensi.